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Nanotech Zoom All Purpose Cleaner

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Product Details

  • Zoom is a product originally designed for heavy industrial and commercial use. ZOOM is a clear pink liquid detergent designed to quickly emulsify and suspend dirt and soils with little or no friction. ZOOM contains a powerful mixture of wetting agents, alkaline builders, and surfactants which loosen, dissolve and remove outdoor dirt, grime & road film regardless of weather conditions. It also helps prevent buildup of limescale when hard water is used.
  • ZOOM is effective for many exterior applications, such as Cars, Trucks, Offroad Vehicles, Campers/RV's, House siding & fascia, farm & industrial equipment, etc.
  • ZOOM can be used with regular household water pressure, or with a power washer.
  • It is sold in a ready to use spray bottle or in concentrated form and priced at a very affordable level, which makes the price per use very low. It simply mixes with household water. A 3.78l jug of concentrate will make between 40 and 378 liters of cleaner for typical use. For the average person, a 3.78l jug can often last a whole year.
  • ZOOM is fully biodegradable, so it's environmentally friendly!